M Din Syamsuddin
Chairman of Muhammadiyah, Indonesia

Prof Din Syamsuddin served as chairman (2005-2015) of the largest modernist Islamic organisation in Indonesia, the Muhammadiyah. He also served as chairman of the Indonesian Council of Ulema and is currently acting as chairman of its Advisory Council. He is a member of Group of Strategic Vision Russia – Islamic World, Chairman of the World Peace Forum and President of the Inter Religious Council – Indonesia. He is also Professor of Islamic Political Thought at the National Islamic University in Jakarta and Chairman of Centre for Dialogue and Cooperation among Civilizations. Syamsuddin is also very active in interfaith and intercultural dialogue. He was recently re-elected for another five-year term as President of the Asian Conference of Religions for Peace (ACRP).

Source of Influence: Scholarly

Status: Featured in current year