Zaid Shakir
Board Chairman and Co-founder of Zaytuna College, USA

Zaid is a senior faculty member and co-founder of Zaytuna College, Berkeley, California, the first accredited Muslim undergraduate college in the USA. He converted to Islam in 1977 while serving in the United States Air Force and obtained a BA summa cum laude in International Relations, MA in Political Science, and then pursued studies in Arabic, Islamic law, Qur’anic studies, and spirituality in the Muslim world. He is an influential Islamic scholar in the West and a voice of conscience for American Muslims and non-Muslims alike. He founded the New Brunswick Islamic Center (formerly Masjid al-Huda) in New Jersey, Masjid al-Islam in Connecticut, the Tri-State Muslim Education Initiative, the Connecticut Muslim Coordinating Committee, the Lighthouse Mosque in Oakland, California, and United for Change.

Source of Influence: Preachers & Spiritual Guides

Status: Featured in current year