HE Sadiq Khan


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Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London

Sadiq Khan, the son of a London bus driver, was elected the Mayor of London in May 2016, with a huge personal mandate. He succeeded Boris Johnson.

Birth: 8 October 1970 (Age: 47)

Source of Influence: Political

Influence: Political

School of Thought: Sunni

Status: Featured in current year

Journey to Mayor: His journey to arguably one of the highest posts in the UK included being a human rights solicitor, chair of the human rights group Liberty, councillor for Wandsworth, and MP for Tooting (2005-2016). He is a member of the Labour Party, having served two posts as Minister in Gordon Brown’s government, as well as more senior ministerial posts in Ed Miliband’s shadow cabinet.

Muslim Mayor: Much has been made of his British-Pakistani ethnicity and Islamic faith, but he has stressed that those parts of his identity only strengthen his willingness to serve all elements of society. He has worked to build cohesion among London’s diverse communities and been commended for his responses to the terror attacks on London.

Terror Attacks: Although the United Kingdom witnessed a series of bloody terrorist attacks allegedly perpetrated by DA’ISH, 7 additional potential attacks were foiled under the leadership of Sadiq Khan. As the first Muslim Mayor of London, the uptick in terrorism has placed Khan under the increased scrutiny of right-wing hate groups, but he has managed to unite Londoners in the face of adversity and continues to enjoy a popular and diverse backing.