HE Prof Dr Sheikh Ahmad Muhammad Al-Tayyeb


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Ahmad Muhammad Al-Tayyeb
Grand Sheikh of the Al-Azhar University, Grand Imam of AlAzhar Mosque

Sheikh Ahmad Muhammad al-Tayyeb was appointed as Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar in March 2010, after the passing of his predecessor, Dr Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi. Tayyeb was formerly the president of al-Azhar for seven years and prior to that, served for two years as the most powerful cleric in Egypt as its Grand Mufti.

Birth: 1 January 1946 (Age: 72)

Source of Influence: Administration of Religious Affairs

Influence: Highest scholarly authority for a majority of Sunni Muslims, runs the foremost Sunni Islamic university.

School of Thought: Sunni, Traditional Sunni

Status: Not featured in current year