Dr Henzell-Thomas has been a major force as a writer, editor, lecturer and advisor in the campaign to reform education in the Muslim world and the way Islam tends to be treated in Western educational circles. He founded the Book Foundation, served as first Chair of FAIR( UK Forum against Islamophobia and Racism) and now serves as Associate Editor of Critical Muslim. He was instrumental in advising Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal on funding the establishment of centres of Islamic Studies at two British universities and supported the newly established post of Readership in Islamic education at Warwick University. He remains a Research Associate at the Centre of Islamic Studies at Cambridge, serves as an Executive Committee member of the Association of Muslim Social Scientists UK and is a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts. His most recent publication is Rethinking Reform in Higher Education: From Islamization to Integration (co-authored with Ziauddin Sardar.)

Source of Influence: Social Issues

Status: Featured in current year