Ceric, HE Sheikh Professor Dr Mustafa


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Mustafa Ceric

Moustafa Ceric became Grand Mufti of Bosnia in 1993 and formally retired from the office in 2013. Ceric is outspoken on interfaith initiatives in the Muslim world and is considered one of the most influential Muslim leaders of current times. In 2006, Ceric issued the ‘Declaration of European Muslims’ to the European Union stating that European Muslims are dedicated to the common values of law, tolerance, democracy and human rights, the value of life, faith freedom, property and dignity. In 2008, Ceric led the Muslim delegation of the ‘A Common Word’ initiative to the Vatican, which included a meeting with the Pope. He is President of the World Bosnian Congress, which connects Bosniaks, home and abroad.

Birth: 22 May 1979 (Age: 38)

Source of Influence: Political, Scholarly

School of Thought: Sunni, Traditional Sunni

Status: Featured in current year