Ahlam Mosteghanemi


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Ahlam Mosteghanemi
Source of Influence: Arts & Culture
Status: Featured in current year

Ahlam Mosteghanemi is a best-selling author who has won numerous prizes including the Naguib Mahfouz Prize for Memory in the Flesh, a novel about Algeria’s struggle against foreign domination and the problems that plagued the emerging nation after its independence. The book, written in Arabic, has sold over a million copies. Although Algerian, she earned her PhD at Sorbonne in France, and now lives in Beirut (with her Lebanese husband). She is the first contemporary Arab author to sell millions of copies of her work and dominate book charts for years in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia and the UAE. She has been Identified by Forbes Magazine as: The most successful Arabic writer, and one of the ten most influential women in the Arab world and the leading woman in literature.