Ahed Tamimi
Palestinian Activist
Ahed Tamimi
Palestinian Activist

Ahed Tamimi is a 17 year old Palestinian who has become a globally recognised icon for resistance to the Israeli occupation of Palestine (the West Bank and Gaza).
Previous Incidents: A photo of an 11 year old Tamimi trying to punch an Israeli soldier and then a video of a 15 year old Tamimi biting a soldier who had her younger brother in a headlock were previous incidents showing what was is common place when growing up under occupation.
The Incident: Tamimi had just learnt that her disabled 15 year old cousin had been shot in the head at close range when Israeli soldiers entered her yard in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. She confronted them and then proceeded to slap and kick them. Her mother was recording the incident and later the video went viral.
Arrest and Sentence: A few days later, at night, the Israeli army’s own camera documented the soldiers entering her house and handcuffing and arresting Tamimi. The 17 year old was then subject to interrogation, a fate common to most Palestinian youth living under occupation. She was detained for three months before being sentenced to eight months in jail. Her mother was also imprisoned but never charged.
Release: Ahed Tamimi was released after serving eight months as a political prisoner and came out as an icon of Palestinian resistance to the Israeli occupation. She received worldwide support and has highlighted the oppressive life faced by Palestinians.
Future: Whilst in prison, Tamimi continued her studies. She plans to study law at university and someday “… be a famous lawyer to defend my country.” She also plans to travel abroad to garner support to highlight the plight of the Palestinians.

Birth: 31 January 2001 (Age: 18)

Source of Influence: Political


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